AGM Recap

Congratulations to the 2022 Award Winners:

  • City Champs Women’s Road Race – Megan Florizone
  • City Champs Men’s Road Race – Brady Windsor
  • City Champs Women’s Time Trial – Mallory Murchison
  • City Champs Men’s Time Trial – Jonathan Slywka
  • President’s Cup – Marc Tremblay
  • The Hammer – Marshall Wilson

The 2023 Executive committee are:

  • VP Road/Race (Tuesday Night) – Eric Sy
  • VP Gravel – Marc Tremblay
  • VP Cyclocross – Megan Florizone
  • VP Road/Adventure (Thursday Night) – Tim Huber
  • VP Women – Alyssa Shaver
  • VP Virtual – Paul Cutting
  • Youth Development – open
  • Treasurer – Steve Trott
  • Past President – James Korpan
  • President – Nicole DeBond

Alyssa Shaver was elected to the RCC exec for the first time to lead our 2023 women’s program. Alyssa has been a key contributor to our developing women’s program over the last couple of years and she has some great ideas for women’s programming in 2023 that I am very excited about!

The evening was also a chance to extend our thanks to a few special members of our club who have contributed years of service on the RCC executive and are now passing the torch on this year. James Korpan was president of the club for 8 years, during which time his efforts saw the club membership by ~50% and its programming expand massively. Adele Grundahl (A.K.A. Mrs. Time Trial) was RCC’s Secretary for many years before she turned her focus to spearheading RCC Women’s Program which has welcomed many new members over the last two years. Russ Down‘s work on youth development has led to some fast young folks on bikes who’ve earned big results.

And most of all thank you to all the committee members and volunteers who made our 2022 events happen, and to the riders who came out and made them successful.

Anyone who is interested in helping out with the 2023 season is invited to get in touch with our president or the appropriate VP. Whether you want to join a committee, volunteer on race day, or lead rides, reach out.

Rubber side down!

Regina City Road Championship

August 30, 2022 – Regina City Road Championship Roubaix Edition

Meet at Condie Nature Refuge to be ready to go for 6:15 pm at the Parking Lot. See attached picture for more information.

The route will be a bit of everything. Start from the Red Barn (near the Erdman farm on the picture), heading on the 734 towards Deer Valley. Head down the Deer Valley Climb and then up back up to head then towards Lumsden. As we head into Lumsden, we will ascend James Street hill and then head onto the very short Gravel Secteur (rideable on road bikes), before heading back onto the 734 back to the Red Barn Finish.

Strava Link for the Course:

There will be again Open and Women’s Categories based on finishing position. Please email me ( your finishing position so that we can have official results.

Thanks for the great season!

Regina City Road Individual Time Trial Championship

August 25, 2022- Individual Time Trial – Regina City Road ITT City Championship

Meet at Save on Foods at 6:15 pm for the ITT riders. We will organize the start list depending on who wants to do the TT…. To help assist with this, please email me ( if you are planning of doing the ITT.

The actual start of the course will be set up on the East Service Road dead end road. I will lay out some pylons where the start and finish line are by the Staging area. I am hoping that we can have everyone lining up in their order by 6:20 pm, so please head over to the dead end road to the Staging Area to be ready to go at no later than 6:20 pm

We will have rolling starts at 30 second intervals. As this is an ITT, it is important to note that drafting is not permitted… Drafting events will be penalized accordingly.

The timing will occur by stopwatch…. With a backup of using the Strava segment if there are technical glitches. However, stop watch times will trump Strava times.

The course length is 16 km. It starts from the intersection (just past the dead end road) all the way to the stop sign (which is the Turn around). Please note that they have been doing some crack sealing on the road, so there is some loose gravel on the shoulder in some areas. The roads aren’t closed, so please make sure to stay safe at the turn around at the stop sign.

There will be Open and Women’s categories! Once I have a chance to compile the official final results, I will post separately with the final times.

I’ve attached a photo of the staging area and Strava segment info

Strava Segment Link:


RCC Road next few week’s events

August 23 – we will be having a TNR starting at Condie nature refuge led by Stephen Trott. Please note the earlier start time as the sun is setting earlier. Start time will be 6:15 pm

Course is here

Aug 25, 2022 – regina City Time trial championship

This will occur on Thursday concurrently with the Thursday night rides. Slightly shorter time trial then last year 16 km. Meet at Save on Foods at 615 pm with a plan to start at east service road dead end road. The course is the 16 km time trial segment on Strava. Turn around at the stop sign. More to follow in a separate post closer to the date

There will be Open and Women’s category

Aug 30, 2022 – Regina City Road Championship

This will occur at 6:15 pm as well. Meet at Condie for the city championship course. Unlike prior TNRs we will try to record the top 10. There will be Open and Women’s category. Course details to follow In a separate post

Thanks all for the great season!

August 9, 2022 – Tuesday Night – Team Night

Hey all, join us this Tuesday August 9, 2022 for a Team Night at Condie Nature Refuge!!! We’ll be trying to organize the teams, so please message me by Monday, 12 pm so that I can try to arrange some teams/seeds.

Our planned route will take us back to Condie – classic Condie to Craven Course –

Alan will be helping arrange this one at the start.

Please meet at the Parking lot of Condie around 6:15 pm for the pre-ride briefing.

If you are planning of coming please message me on Facebook or email me at

As always, weather updates will follow by 4 pm or so at the latest if there is a chance of any inclement weather.

RCC – Tuesday, August 2, 2022 – cancelled and August 9, 2022 preview

UPDATE 4:17 pm August 2, 2022 – Due to high winds (35 kph and gusting to 50-70 kph) and a serious potential risk of a thunderstorm rolling through Lumsden and Regina around the time we are biking, we will have to cancel/call this one off. Please pre-register for next week’s event in the meantime. See you on Zwift!

Hey all, for Tuesday August 2, 2022, we will be heading back to Condie Nature Refuge for a ride towards Craven on the 734 highway. Only one hill this time. Pursuit race – Slowest group first, followed by faster groups with 5 min and 10 min splits. One hill on the way back up Garbage dump to end it off. Groups can work together or rejoin the faster groups for the W.

Meet at 615 pm -to start at 630 pm from the Parking Lot.

August 9, 2022 – we will be doing a team night in Condie , three hills, but the twist. Everyone will be working in Teams of 3 to get the best possible time. The team that crosses the line first (last rider that is), takes the win.

Please post here in advance if you plan to attend the August 2. I will be posting on Wednesday for the August 9 event to pre-register for the team night. Email me if you are planning to attend the Team night

RCC TNR July 26 2022 – 630 pm

Next week, join us for a new course on the East Service Roads. Lots of potential parking options including a) White Butte Trails lot, b) White City, c) Ride out from East End, d) Park near the Petro Can on the North Service Road. Steve T will be leading this one

Meet at 615 pm by the White Butte Trails turn off on Frankslake Road. Race start is at 6:30 pm

The race will proceed in a clockwise manner (all right hand turns). Please be mindful that these are still open roads, so you still must yield to traffic on the North Service Road when turning right. Corners should be neutralized.

The start and finish will be at the Coppersands sign.

This will be a Pursuit race -Group C will go out first, followed by a 5 minute gap then Group B, then Group A (fastest group) by 7 minutes. Groups can work together and can join the groups they are caught by.

Group C will have an option to do only 2 loops, instead of 3 if they so choose.

Any questions you can direct message me, Steve Trott, or email me eric dot julian dot sy at gmail dot com

Tuesday July 19 – Gravel event

The RCC Gravel Committee ( Kelly Amberson & Randy Lewis will be organizing) is pleased to present a gravel pursuit format on Tuesday July 19th for this fun and fairly flat 33km route (see route below). In this format, everyone has a chance to work hard and be first across the line. Here is how it will work: Riders will sign up using google docs (see link below) and indicate an average moving speed for a typical gravel ride of a similar distance.

Groups of riders with similar average speed will leave the start line with a headstart based on their expected finish time vs. the scratch group (the last group to leave). As an example, a group with an average speed of 22kph will have leave the line 19 mins before the 28kph scratch group. Some additional rules: 1) groups cannot drop riders until they are caught by the group behind. 2) If your group is caught, you can ride with the group that has caught you. It is in the best interest of the group to work together as long as possible.

Sign up deadline is 9pm Monday night and groups and start times will be posted Tuesday morning.

The first group could go off as early as 6pm. The route features 2 small climbs and one climb slightly longer. We will have cones out at the corners, but please familiarize yourself with the route. Watch this page for your group and start time. Park at the Exit C pulloff or around the corner on the gravel. This is a fun format, so get your riding friends together and come out. Riders must have an SCA membership to ride.