RCC Women

RCC wants to have as many women racing under our flag in as many categories as possible! As you know, we need to be flexible. This year, we are focusing on getting fit and  maintaining fitness on the bike.  It is a great time if you are a beginner wanting to exercise outside.

Beginner/Intermediate Mondays 

This year we will feature a beginner to intermediate ride on Monday evenings. Doesn’t matter what kind of bike you have, what level, there is a place for you!  Novice Group (lead by Susan) will be novice riders. Those that are new to cycling (flat pedals, no fancy gear, but love the outdoors). This is a gentle introduction to cycling. The Road Group A (led by Nicole) will be road bikes. She will give you an intro to pack skills. Road Group B (lead by Liz) will take the experienced women out on the road for some distance. The Knobby Tire Group (lead by Adele) will be gravel/cross/mtb bikes with some structure. The focus is on developing a personal connection to your version of fast along with basic riding technique. The Novice, Road Group A and Knobby Tire groups will come together to end the evening with a yoga stretch with the bike (led by our certified yoga instructor) . Due to the longer distance of Road Group B and COVID restrictions, they will not be joining the group for yoga.

We only have 8 spots per group–as we have to follow SHA regulations for our rides.

Intermediate Road Thursdays

Apply what you learned on Monday’s Road session to an all gender group ride on Thursdays. We leave from SaveOn Food on Chuka drive.   There will be a sign up sheet for this ride due to COVID regulations. Watch the RCC Facebook page for that.

Gaggle of Gravel Gals

Gravel grinding is a great adventure. RCC’s Gaggle of Gravel Gals’
rides are no-drop. If you desire ADVENTURE, then this is the place!
If you want to race, you are encouraged to particpate in RCC’s
featured gravel races–watch the website and Facebook page to
the latest news. These start in spring during the truck ban on
the gravel roads and continue until the fall.

Come on out and make some new friends!

Women in Cycling Initiative

RCC is participating in the SCA’s Women in Cycling initiative. A number of our members attended the ABA-SCA Women’s Conference that occurred in November 2019, and both our Treasurer, Nicole DeBond and VP Operations, Adele Grundahl are members of the Women’s Task Force.

We want to hear from you! Let us know what you think of our programming. We’re always open to suggestions.

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