August 15, 2023

RCC Tuesday Gravel #4 – The Final One!

Hi everyone! Tuesday August 15 is RCC Gravel Race #4. The last one of the series for the year and it’s going to be a gooder.

For TNGR #4 we are going to meet at the Little Church in the Valley (Saint Nicholas Anglican Church). We will do a very fun loop that we did last year, with 3 climbs (1-warm legs up, 2-to see some bison, 3-to finish up legs).

With the daylight dwindling, let’s meet at 6:15pm and plan to set off for the ride at or shortly before 6:30pm, if possible. If you can toss on a front light on that would be great. Buf for surely have a rear blinking light as per usual.

We will be tracking attendance using LinkMyRide which will be used to determine entries to the year end prize draw. Please use the app to sign up in advance.