TNR – July 4 2023

Tuesday Night Road – Stage #10 – Vive Le Tour

July 4, 2023


  • Pursuit Race (i.e., Group C going first, followed by B, followed by A = scratch)

When/where: We will meet at 6:15 pm at Condie Nature Refuge. 6:30 pm Ride time.


Route summary:

Vive Le Tour! There will be Short and Long Options available. The Long Course will Feature Le Mur de James and La Côte de Garbage. The Short Course will skip Le Mur and Head straight for La Cote

We will ride from the Red Barn towards Lumsden heading towards The Canyon Estates whereabouts we will turn left, and loop back heading up Le Mur de James (short riders will skip Le Mur), turning around at the stop sign, and heading back and heading up La Côte de Garbage. Finally there will be a final sprint, as usual for the Red Barn.

**Important note that at controlled intersections with stop signs, the expectation will be to come to a complete stop descending down James, Garbage Dump, and crossing James Street Road***

**Please bring your flashing tail light and have it turned on during the ride**

Flagged Segments:

Additional info:

  • We will be tracking attendance using LinkMyRide which will be used to determine entries to the year end prize draw. Please use the app to sign up in advance. Race results will be posted following the event.

Classifications and Rankings: