Tuesday Night Road – Stage #18 – Road City Championships – Finale

August 29, 2023


  • City Championships. Mass start. First Group will be the Race Group contesting the overall win.
  • A more relaxed second group could be a potential option for those not wanting the contest the overall. They will depart immediately after group 1, and will skip the Highway 11 hill. Turn around will be at the stop sign by James Street.

When/where: We will meet at 6:00 pm at the Condie Nature Refuge Parking Lot. 6:15 pm start

*note the earlier time**



Route summary:

2 Hills!!!!

For all the Marbles.

Flagged Segments:

  • 2 KOM up for grabs:

— James Street


— Garbage Dump Hill:


  • 2 Sprints:

— Clydesdale Kicker


— TNR last bump sprint:


Additional info:

  • We will be tracking attendance using LinkMyRide which will be used to determine entries to the year end prize draw. Please use the app to sign up in advance. Race results will be posted following the event

Classifications and Rankings: