Tuesday TNR June 14, 2022 – 630 pm

Meet at Condie Nature Refuge for 630 pm for this weeks road Tuesday Night race.

Race course is here:


In Summary, we ride towards Lumsden on the #11, head towards Craven, loop behind 634 restaurant, back towards Lumsden

  • Up Prospect climb from James Street
  • Then up Garbage Dump to return back to Condie.

Meet in the parking lot, we will ride out neutrally to the opposite side of the #11 Highway for the start.

Pursuit race. We will try to have 3 groups this time, depending on the attendance. A group (fastest), B group (fast), and C group (regroup at top of hills). C followed by B (5 minutes gap) by A (5 minutes gap)

Final weather checks will be posted the day of the event by noon (if there is a chance of inclement weather).

I do have a backup course in Regina town if Regina weather looking better than Lumsden.