RCC – TNR June 28, 2022 – 6:40 pm

RCC – TNR June 28, 2022 – 6:40 pm

A Day in Lumsden – Team Night

Meet at the Lumsden school at or around 6:30 pm for a 6:40 pm start (note the slightly later start time due to the extra drive to Lumsden)

Format: Team night

  • We will divide into light and dark coloured jerseys. Your goal will be to support your team to get your team mates into the best possible finishing position at the end of the course.
  • The first finishers in each group (assuming 3 starting groups) will determine whether the light or the darks win the night.
  • Please post down below if you plan to attend so I can divide us into even teams, or email me at eric.sy @ outlook.com (please no later than 1 pm)
  • I will post the team assignments tomorrow by around 3 pm.

Course: We will start on James Street, for first climb of the day up Garbage Dump hill towards, Deer Valley. Second left at Deer valley to hit up the Deerfoot leg buster climb at the bottom of the neighborhood. We then head back towards Lumsden down Garbage dump (stop at the bottom of the hill).

We head towards Craven, then turn around, and finish on the Old highway Hill.. Summit finish.

Weather updates by 4 pm tomorrow if there is a chance of inclement weather.