Tuesday July 19 – Gravel event

The RCC Gravel Committee ( Kelly Amberson & Randy Lewis will be organizing) is pleased to present a gravel pursuit format on Tuesday July 19th for this fun and fairly flat 33km route (see route below). In this format, everyone has a chance to work hard and be first across the line. Here is how it will work: Riders will sign up using google docs (see link below) and indicate an average moving speed for a typical gravel ride of a similar distance.

Groups of riders with similar average speed will leave the start line with a headstart based on their expected finish time vs. the scratch group (the last group to leave). As an example, a group with an average speed of 22kph will have leave the line 19 mins before the 28kph scratch group. Some additional rules: 1) groups cannot drop riders until they are caught by the group behind. 2) If your group is caught, you can ride with the group that has caught you. It is in the best interest of the group to work together as long as possible.

Sign up deadline is 9pm Monday night and groups and start times will be posted Tuesday morning.

The first group could go off as early as 6pm. The route features 2 small climbs and one climb slightly longer. We will have cones out at the corners, but please familiarize yourself with the route. Watch this page for your group and start time. Park at the Exit C pulloff or around the corner on the gravel. This is a fun format, so get your riding friends together and come out. Riders must have an SCA membership to ride.