RCC TNR July 26 2022 – 630 pm

Next week, join us for a new course on the East Service Roads. Lots of potential parking options including a) White Butte Trails lot, b) White City, c) Ride out from East End, d) Park near the Petro Can on the North Service Road. Steve T will be leading this one

Meet at 615 pm by the White Butte Trails turn off on Frankslake Road. Race start is at 6:30 pm

The race will proceed in a clockwise manner (all right hand turns). Please be mindful that these are still open roads, so you still must yield to traffic on the North Service Road when turning right. Corners should be neutralized.

The start and finish will be at the Coppersands sign.

This will be a Pursuit race -Group C will go out first, followed by a 5 minute gap then Group B, then Group A (fastest group) by 7 minutes. Groups can work together and can join the groups they are caught by.

Group C will have an option to do only 2 loops, instead of 3 if they so choose.

Any questions you can direct message me, Steve Trott, or email me eric dot julian dot sy at gmail dot com