Regina City Road Championship

August 30, 2022 – Regina City Road Championship Roubaix Edition

Meet at Condie Nature Refuge to be ready to go for 6:15 pm at the Parking Lot. See attached picture for more information.

The route will be a bit of everything. Start from the Red Barn (near the Erdman farm on the picture), heading on the 734 towards Deer Valley. Head down the Deer Valley Climb and then up back up to head then towards Lumsden. As we head into Lumsden, we will ascend James Street hill and then head onto the very short Gravel Secteur (rideable on road bikes), before heading back onto the 734 back to the Red Barn Finish.

Strava Link for the Course:

There will be again Open and Women’s Categories based on finishing position. Please email me ( your finishing position so that we can have official results.

Thanks for the great season!