RTA – Nutrition

Gravel Ride Nutrition

Here are a few considerations when planning a longer gravel ride.

  • Hydration: Pre-race and during the race
    • Proper hydration starts the day before a long ride
    • Don’t start the ride in a dehydrated state
  • Electrolytes: You’ll miss ‘em when they’re gone
    • HEED contains electrolytes. And 100 calories/serving
    • One bottle of HEED + one of water on the bike for a 2hr ride
    • Cramp prevention: Hydration + replenish electrolytes/minerals
      1. The more you sweat, the more mineral supply lost
      2. Calcium + Magnesium + Sodium + Potassium
    • Hammer Endurolytes are densely packed with electrolytes
      1. 3-4 capsules/hr, depending on temp/body size on 2+hr rides
      2. Prevent the Bonk
  • Calories In, Calories Out
    • Approximately 400-500 calories/hr expended.
    • Aim to replenish roughly 200 calories/hr
    • Combo of real food + Gels. One gel/hr = 100 calories
    • Hammer Perpetuem for rides over 2 hours.
      1. Perpetuem is a ‘Fuel source’, not a hydration source
      2. Contains protein + liquid calories
    • Practice YOUR strategies. Be wise with your Gut.

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