2023 RCC Lumsden Roubaix

Final Details

We surpassed our goal of 70 riders by 15. There are 85 registered to ride. This is the most in RCC Roubaix history. Thank you!


Registration and package pickup will be open from 10-10:30am inside the campground meeting room.


The campground washrooms are open for us to use. Please keep them clean.


The parking lot is a fair size, but with the large number of riders, things could get a little tight. Please try and maximize parking space by parking somewhat close together. Carpool if possible.


Hillside Smoke N Que will start serving the food at 12:30pm. Provide them with your name and they will serve you what you chose during registration.


These roads are remote. Please have your bike tuned up prior to the ride and have some basic tools with you to resolve any problems. We do not have enough volunteers to pick up riders.


If there is an emergency on course please dial 911. Let our volunteers know what’s happening by calling Steph @ 306-529-1597.

Roll Out / Neutral Start

At 11am we will make our way to the start location on 7 Bridges road. The long course riders will start first with a few minute gap between the short. It will be neutral until the James St. climb.

Prizes / Awards

Prizes and Awards will be given out after the last rider returns to the campground. Stick around, we have lots of great prizes from Dutch Cycle and Western Cycle.


This could be our best Roubaix route to date. We’re excited about this one. A few things to note:

Riding through Lumsden: The race goes through the town of Lumsden. Watch for cars, obey the rules of the road.

Pumpkin Hollow: The road is dry, so we will be riding through it. At kilometer 8 there is a descent with some ruts. You can get going fast before you get to the rutted section.

It’s easy to run into some issues with hard ruts, slow down! Leave some space between you and the rider in front of you. The best line is on the far left. The race will not be won in this section. Do yourself and others a favor by using caution here.

Water Crossing: There is a water crossing at kilometer 14. There’s a few inches of water running across a gravel/paved section of road. It’s completely rideable. The water is clear and you can see the bottom. There are some dips at the far end of it that will be indicated by pilons. Avoid these.

Slow down through this section, we haven’t ridden every part of the crossing, so it’s possible there could be more dips or holes.

The race will not be won in this section. Do yourself and others a favor by using caution here. If you’re not sure of your ability here, walking is a good option, just slightly more wet :).


Short: https://www.strava.com/routes/3087111159199980646
Long: https://www.strava.com/routes/3087111393170054982

Ride With GPS:

Short: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42702913
Long: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/42703098