Thursday Night Adventure Rides

Thursday rides are no-drop rides focused on adventure and camaraderie. Thursdays offer a great opportunity to practice group riding skills. Each week, a different experienced ride leader will select a safe route and format for the night, which typically include a “short turn” (early bail out) option. We ride as a group and sometimes practice skills and tactics. Often we grab a bite to eat and a drink after the ride is over.

This ride is many things to many people. Whether you’re interested in learning to race or you are just looking for a fun group ride, you’re welcome to join RCC for a Thursday Night Adventure Ride!

Happy riders after a wet ride!
We had post-ride pizza and watched a stage of the Tour de France.

This is a no-drop ride and we ride the majority of the route as a cooperative group. Some routes will include relatively short faster sections to get the heart pumping and have some fun. These sections are optional, announced beforehand and always end at a pre-determined spot where we regroup. It is a great way to practice going fast before trying out a full Tuesday Night Race.

Thursdays are also about learning to lead. Different club members will lead rides throughout the summer. Sign up to lead a ride and you will have the chance to show everyone your favourite route!

April 2021 COVID UPDATE!

We currently have approval to run Thursday rides with the following restrictions:

1) All riders have to sign up before the ride using the app

2) Each group will be limited to no larger than 10 riders, however, we will be aiming to have smaller groups (e.g., 5-7 riders). When you register, you can suggest which group you might like to go in, but some people may need to be shuffled for numbers.

3) AT ALL TIMES riders will maintain social distancing (MINIMUM 3m separation). A staggered formation will be used when possible to safely increase distance between riders.

4) To avoid any large groups in parking lots, each group will meet in different location, which will be determined each week by your ride leader. Your ride leader each week will be in contact with further details.

5) Each group will be led by a ride leader, who is required to carry first aid, a mask, sanitizer, and gloves, to be used in case any rider requires assistance that means social distancing cannot be kept. Anyone who would like to volunteer to lead a group – please message me.

6) Guests and “try a ride” is not permitted on RCC events at this time. This may change in the future.

7) Spitting, “snot rockets” will not be permitted

8) Mask wearing is encouraged. The club has a limited number of SCA masks we will make available.

9) If you are unwell, please do not attend ANY RCC EVENTS. You will be required to complete a brief COVID questionnaire using the cycle club app or website before the ride.

10) Participants should aim to arrive no more than 5-10 minutes prior to the event before the scheduled event to reduce people gathering in groups

11) Participants should bring hand sanitizer for themselves and consider bringing other protective equipment such as masks as they see fit.

13) As always, everyone is responsible for making their own risk assessment during cycling activities and riders should only participate in activities appropriate for their skill and experience level. In the era of COVID-19, assessing risks also means thinking about risks related to possibly exposing yourself or others as a result of the activity. This is a tentative schedule for now. We will be monitoring the situation with regards to COVID19 and letting you know if events will be cancelled, changed, or postponed. Rules may change quickly and we will do our best to keep you updated. Let’s work together to have some fun, but also make sure that RCC is not in the news as the next covid outbreak. See you next Thursday!

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