March 9, 2019

RCC 2019 Clothing Order – Pricing Sheet

Fit Kit is available at Western Cycle until March 20th.
Order form available here.

To get an idea of what the Sugoi kit (tops, bottoms, socks, caps) looks like, check out the proofs here.

Cycling Kit – Tops & Bottoms

Pricing is based on quantity ordered – the more we order the less it costs. If we can place an order for 12 or more items in a category, the savings is passed on to you! 

Category 1: Tops

Style NameGenderPrice, <12Price, 12-23
RS Team Jersey (Short Sleeve)M/F$138$108
RS Training Jersey (Long Sleeve)M/F$178$139
Evolution Jersey (Short Sleeve)M/F$107$84
Evolution Jersey (Long Sleeve)M/F$127$99
Evolution Relaxed Jersey (Short Sleeve)M$106$83
Pulse Jersey (Short Sleeve, MTB fit)M/F$111$87
RS Thermal JacketM/F$199$155
Evolution Windblock JacketM/F$164$128
RS Thermal VestU$155$121
Evolution Windblock VestU$122$96

Category 2: Bottoms

Style NameGenderPrice, <12Price, 12-23
RS Pro ShortM/F$155$121
RS Pro Bib ShortM/F$181$142
Evolution ShortM/F$108$90
Evolution Bib ShortM/F$134$104
Evolution Junior ShortJunior$97$76



Black with club logo, mid height, $20/pair.

Cycling Caps

Black with club colour stripes, RCC logo on underside of brim.
$26 (12-23 ordered) or $22.50 (>24)

Ball Cap

Tentative design pictured, except with flat brim: $30

Shop Shirts

The brainchild of your president, Mr. James Korpan, the shop shirt is a new option for 2019. Two pockets and a durable material, this is a great shirt to wear in your shop and makes a great option to change into before a post-ride drink. Your name over right pocket, RCC logo on the left and rule #5 on the sleeve. Do your maintenance right! $40