Quest For The Last Mountain Rider Overview

Ride Overview

The weekend is almost here! Here’s an overview of the ride and a general schedule. It’s going to be a hot one. Be sure to have enough bottles / Camelbak for 3-4 hours of riding. We will be able to refill bottles at the halfway point both days. Day 1 we will have drop bags at the halfway point that you can drop off before we start at Robertson’s Campground. Day 2 we will stop halfway at the store in Craven but otherwise will be unsupported with no drop bags available. We will be in fairly remote areas throughout the ride. Ensure your bike is in perfect working order before the ride and bring flat repair kits etc. Plan accordingly.


– 7-7:30am – Meet at Robertson’s Campground at Alice beach.

Drop off your overnight camping bag (You will not see this bag again until we arrive at Rowan’s Ravine).

Drop off your mid ride drop bag if needed.

8:00am – Roll out of Robertson’s Campground.

– Route for Day 1:

Water Stop: Bird Sanctuary at 73.6km. Your mid ride drop bag will be here. We will have water, cokes and some hammer nutrition products available.

Camping: It’s hard to say exactly when we will arrive at the campground but there will be a cold beer waiting for you there and your overnight camping bag. We have the 7th Heaven group site booked. It has power, water, and washrooms nearby. There is lots of room for tents. So get set up and relax or head to the lake for a swim to cool off.

Food: Mama Bear’s Den is open until 8pm (Not Included in the Quest fee).

Store: Looking for snacks or need to pick something up? G & S Marina Outfitters is open at the marina until 9pm.


– Breakfast: No restaurants are open so you are on your own for breakfast.

7:30am-7:45am: Drop off your overnight camping bag (You will not see this bag again until we arrive back at Robertson’s Campground)

8:00am – Roll Out of Rowan’s Ravine.

Route for Day 2:

Water Stop: Craven at 58.3km. No drop bags today. We will stop at one of the stores in Craven for water and supplies. The event will pay for your water / small food items.

Finish: A cold beer will be waiting for you at the finish with your camping bag. We will also be having Burgers from the Burger Barn supplied by the event to celebrate the completion of the Quest.

Thanks For Coming Out.

See you Saturday!

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