Thursday Night Adventure Rides

Thursday rides are no-drop rides focused on adventure and camaraderie. Thursdays offer a great opportunity to practice group riding skills. Each week, a different experienced ride leader will select a safe route and format for the night, which typically include a “short turn” (early bail out) option. We ride as a group and sometimes practice skills and tactics. Often we grab a bite to eat and a drink after the ride is over.

This ride is many things to many people. Whether you’re interested in learning to race or you are just looking for a fun group ride, you’re welcome to join RCC for a Thursday Night Adventure Ride!

Happy riders after a wet ride!
We had post-ride pizza and watched a stage of the Tour de France.

This is a no-drop ride and we ride the majority of the route as a cooperative group. Some routes will include relatively short faster sections to get the heart pumping and have some fun. These sections are optional, announced beforehand and always end at a pre-determined spot where we regroup. It is a great way to practice going fast before trying out a full Tuesday Night Race.

Thursdays are also about learning to lead. Different club members will lead rides throughout the summer. Sign up to lead a ride and you will have the chance to show everyone your favourite route!

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