Sask Cup #3 & Provincials

Come out to compete against the whole province and at the provincial championships! Racing will take place at Douglas Park, Saskatchewan’s best CX course and home to many of the best provincial CX races in memory.

There will be categories for all ability levels:

  • Cat 6 for boys and girls under the age of 15 (short race). 
  • Cat 5 men and combined Cat 4 & Cat 5 for women for the weekend warriors looking to have fun (short race). 
  • Cat 4 for for men looking for the next challenge (long race). 
  • Cat 3 for women, the highest racing category for Saskatchewan women (long race).
  • Cat 3 for speed demon men one step down from the top (long race). 
  • Cat 2 for the highest category for Saskatchewan men (long race). 

Sask Cup #3

Date: Saturday October 17, 2020
Details: TBD


Date: Sunday October 18, 2020
Details: TBD


Important Information:

  • All riders must have a valid UCI/CCA license, or an SCA in-province license. These can be purchased at the event, but then you need cash, and it takes forever to fill out the form, etc… so do yourself a favor and sign up now at
  • Riders are expected to know and understand the UCI Cyclocross rules.
  • Please bring your race license and road racing body numbers. If you do not have body numbers, the SCA will provide those to you on race day.
  • Cyclocross bikes & mountain bikes are permitted in all categories.

Mechanical/Feed Zone:

  • Feeding allowed ONLY if the Chief of Commissaires so declares.
  • The bike/wheel pit will be at approximately the halfway point of the course so that we can have double entry (3 km sounds like a nice walk until you are in a hurry to get some repairs done).  
  • Spare bikes are permitted in the mechanical zone.

Courtesy Notes for the Venue:

  • Washrooms will be available, please use them.
  • Garbage containers are conveniently placed around the park.
  • Please respect the Commissaires, volunteers, and your fellow racers at all times.
  • Assistance in taking the course down after the Sunday race is greatly appreciated!
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