The Road to Attila – Courses

Postponed to June 13th – Attila

Sign Up: Ensure you’re signed up for the ride by 6:00pm Friday June 11th. We have a Short 60km and a Long 140km route for this ride. Please indicate which length you are wanting to do in the sign up. If you don’t indicate ride length we will default you to the long. No Sign Up. No Ride. Do that here.

Weather / Postponement Plan: The rain came so we are postponing the ride to Sunday June 13th. All other ride details will remain the same. We’ll send out the final details and course conditions late afternoon Saturday.

Start Times: Group 1 9:00, Group 2 9:10, Group 3 9:20, Group 4 9:30, Group 5 (Short) 9:40

Start Location: Avonlea, SK

Parking: Avonlea Rink / Main St.

Washrooms: Washrooms will be limited unfortunately since it is Sunday. It’s possible the car wash on Main St. will be open. If not the golf course is the only option.

Covid: Let’s be safe. We’re requesting riders wear masks/buffs in the parking areas while getting ready, gathering with your group, and after the ride if you cannot social distance. Please carry a mask/buff with you incase you are in a situation where you can’t social distance. Social distancing while riding is no longer mandatory but it is encouraged.

A few mandatory guidelines to keep us all safe

  • Wear masks/buffs in the parking areas before and after your ride if you cannot social distance
  • Carry a mask/buff with you
  • Social distance at all times when not riding
  • Social Distancing while riding is no longer mandatory
  • Don’t share food/drink
  • Social Distance at the aid station at all times

Hammer Nutrition: The Official Nutrition / Hydration Sponsor at RTA. You will be provided with 2 x Endurolytes, 2 x Perpetuem, 1 x Gel. Your group ride leader will have them for you. Check out the RTA Nutrition page if you’re wondering what you should be eating and drinking.

Route: We have updated the Long Route and removed the muddy sections. The route is very dry otherwise. There are a few short wet sections. We recommend you either walk them or ride in the grass to avoid plugging up your bike. There are only a handful of these and they are very short. Long, Short

Aid Station: The aid station will be located in Spring Valley at the 73km mark and is for the Long Route riders only. One self supplied drop bag per rider. Example drop bag items: 3 Bottles of Water/Sports Drink, 1 Coke, Banana, other ride food. We’ll have bins set out for each group to toss their stuff into at the start to try and keep things separated. Social distancing is mandatory at the aid station.

Groups: Groups can be found here

Camping: ​Dunnet Regional Park is a 5 minute drive from Avonlea. It’s a nice park with lots of camp sites.

No Drop: What does No Drop mean? It means stay with your group for the entire ride. We cannot have groups larger than 10 rolling around. Stay with your group. If you’re feeling fit help others in your group. Regroup after descents and ascents.

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