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May 22nd

Sign Up: Ensure you’re signed up for the ride by 12:00pm Friday May 21st. We do have a Short 50km and a Long 100km route for this ride. Please indicate which length you are wanting to do in the sign up. No Sign Up. No Ride. Do that here.

Start Times: Group 1 TBD, Group 2 TBD, Group 3 TBD, Group 4 TBD, Group 5 TBD

Start Location: TBD

Parking: TBD

Covid: Let’s be safe. We’re requesting riders wear masks/buffs in the parking areas while getting ready, gathering with your group, and after the ride. You can remove them once the ride starts. Please carry a mask/buff with you incase you are in a situation where you can’t social distance. We would like to remind riders to stay vigilant about social distancing while riding.

A few mandatory guidelines to keep us all safe

  • Arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your start time
  • Park in your groups designated location
  • Wear masks/buffs in the parking areas before and after your ride
  • Carry a mask/buff with you
  • Social distance at all times
  • Hang out with your group only
  • No passing other groups and stay behind several hundred meters if you catch them
  • Stay socially distanced while riding. No direct drafting. 3m separation is mandatory
  • Give your group a socially distanced high five after the ride, pack up and head home. We love socializing but unfortunately now is not the time.

Hammer Nutrition: The Official Nutrition / Hydration Sponsor at RTA. You will be provided one Gel and one Heed for your ride. Your groups ride leader will have them for you. Check out the RTA Nutrition page if you’re wondering what you should be eating and drinking.

Route: TBD – We will have a 50km and 100km route for this ride.

Groups: TBD

No Drop: What does No Drop mean? It means stay with your group for the entire ride. We cannot have groups larger than 10 rolling around. Stay with your group. If you’re feeling fit help others in your group. Regroup after descents and ascents.

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