The Road to Attila

The Road to Attila is a new RCC Gravel Committee creation. The series is designed to give gravel riders some stepping stones to prepare them for the new Attila the Hun 140km course. Each ride leading up to the big day will give riders a chance to dial in their nutrition, hone their gravel riding skills, make new friends, and discover new roads. Riders of all abilities are encouraged to join the series and each of the 4 rides will be no drop. Covid restrictions are limiting us to groups of 10 socially distanced riders. We will ensure an experienced rider is mixed into each group and you will not be left behind in the loose gravel alone.

Dates:Β Β April 17th, May 1st, May 22nd, June 13th

Ride Lengths:  45km, 70km, 100km (50km), 140km (60km)

Cost: $20 for the entire series.

Communication: Emails will be sent out to registered participants with event updates. Check your spam folder. Have a question, use the contact link below. Follow the Facebook Page linked below for the most up to date info.

Prizes:  One entry to the draw for each ride you attend. We have added a short option to the May 22nd ride and a Attila Short to the final Attila ride. The short route riders are given half a draw entry for each ride they complete. They will be given one full entry if they complete both. There will be two cash prizes.

BEER: In collaboration with Malty National Brewing co there will be custom Road To Attila ice cold beer waiting for you at the Attila finish.

Difficulty: 100+ km of gravel is no joke. We’re encouraging all riders come out to all rides to get some miles in their legs. Nutrition and hydration are key on long gravel rides. Showing up to either the 100km or the Attila unprepared is strongly discouraged. It will make for a bad day for you and your group. We will try to have 1 aid station on both of the longer rides.

Courses: The courses are located here and will emailed out the week of each ride. They will be unmarked and we recommend you download the provided gpx file to your Garmin/Wahoo device.

Support: The rides will be in fairly remote areas. It’s up to you to have everything you’ll need to repair your bike (tubes, c02, etc).

Nutrition/Hydration: Hammer Nutrition will be providing all riders with some great products to help get them through their rides.

Registration:  Register at the link below. There is no cap on the number of participants in the series. Registration will be left open and you can register at any point during the series. Registration will be closing at noon the day before each ride to give time to create the 10 person groups. It will reopen after the ride. SCA membership is required.

Attendance: For contact tracing and group creation we require you to add your name to the google sheet below for each ride you will be attending. If you can’t make it please remove your name.

No Drop: We want this to be fun. These rides are meant to be relaxed. Do your intervals another day. Breaking up a group by pushing the pace is discouraged. Regrouping after climbs is encouraged. We will do our best to match groups to skill level but mistakes happen πŸ™‚

Covid: Riders from outside Regina and Area are now allowed to join the series! The Regina travel restrictions have been lifted. Groups are limited to 10 and riders must remain 3m apart. We will start each group 10 minutes apart to allow distancing. As restrictions change we will update this page, send out an email and post on the RCC Facebook Page.

The Virtual Road to Attila: Created to accommodate riders from outside of Regina and Area. It’s pretty simple, ride 4 rides the same distance as the RTA rides on the same days (April 17th, May 1st, May 22nd, June 12th) and submit them to the contact link below. You will be entered into the draw for each ride you complete and a delicious RTA finishers beer will be mailed out to you after the completion of your 140km Attila ride.

Support Your Local Bike Shop: Dutch Cycle and Western Cycle have everything you need to keep you grinding that gravel smoothly!


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